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Perfume Manufacturer, Laboratorios Syrch

LABORATORIOS SYRCH is a modern company that develops and manufactures high quality fragrances . As parent company of the Group SYRCH comes from the hand of a group of professionals with solid experience who have spent decades focusing its efforts on innovation in the world of perfumes and cosmetics.

The company also has a highly qualified and committed staff with their work, mixture of poise that gives experience or passion and momentum that brings youth.

As perfume manufacturers in LABORATORIOS SYRCH the main objective is to look after customers and, therefore , every day working to develop the best products and the greatest variety possible forging , so a company synonymous with quality, innovation and good taste.



The perfect formula

The parfum is a mixture of odoriferous substances and solvents. To manufacture a high quality parfum , not so much about containing a large percentage of essence , but we are using a high quality raw materials and have the necessary resources and facilities for further processing once achieved the mix.

Precision at every step

Once we get the right mix , we have to be extremely careful with their processes, macerating at the right temperature , cold- filtered , and stored in cool place not allowing the entry of light. We have a computerized manufacturing plant in all its processes in real time , allowing us to control every step with greater accuracy.

Max Quality

Thanks to an exhaustive control conducted from the use of raw materials of high quality , countless tests to get the right mix , a great process of maceration and filtering, and a variety of packages to choose from, we ‘ve got the best perfume market.

Packaging and Automation

The packaging may at times have a higher cost than the perfume itself , but is important to attract the attention of our customers step. That is why we pack in Laboratorios Syrch strict monitoring and verification processes.



Is the registered trademark of Fragrance World , SL created to provide an alternative to the traditional market of perfumery and cosmetics. FW is a franchise perfume in bulk, which makes available to the final consumer , high quality perfumes , air fresheners and cosmetics at unbeatable prices . The FW fragrances are only sold through their franchise.



Some of its leading products include bulk perfume , perfume packaging , essential oils, household fresheners , Mikado , essences , perfume pet , cosmetic, or personalized perfumes.


 A passion for things well done

Thanks to a controlled production and a careful selection of both personnel and process suppliers , the company is able to make available to its customers high quality fragrances , adapting to the needs of each market.

Unlike other manufacturers of perfume, laboratory facilities SYRCH , they are ideally located and communicated in one of the most important industrial developments in the Region of Murcia, and have more than 3,000 m2 that accommodate all phases of the process productive.


Development and formulation

With own laboratory specializing in the development and research. More than 1,000 m2 of laboratory and production plant.

Mixing and maceration

Performed under controlled environmental parameters.


Packaging, shrink and special processes manipulated.


Store more than 1,500 m2 large capacity allows for optimum storage and distribution.

Management and Administration.

More than 500 m2 of offices where qualified staff can offer specialized and personalized attention for each client.


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